Health and well-being is your birthright.

In our modern world, we are overwhelmed, overworked, sleep-deprived and bombarded with a plethora of conflicting information that makes us want to stay in bed and cover our heads with a blanket. Is it any wonder we become stressed, fatigued and ill? Such a lifestyle puts our entire being out of balance.

Herbal Solutions 101 believes in the basics – the basics of healthy eating, healthy exercise, a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that each person is a unique individual, and our goal is to provide you with a customized health and wellness program that will work with your specific strengths and address your specific needs.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, how old you are.

We’ll work together to find the right food, the right products, the right program …

Reclaim your health

Reclaim your birthright

about me

I was blessed to have a mother who believed that God gave us bodies that were perfect, and that life’s experiences and choices determined our health. She was never one to seek a doctor unless it was absolutely necessary, and so I learned just how much healing was available from a combination of intuition, common sense and the contents of our kitchen cupboards.

I also learned from her that with hard work and determination we can achieve any goal. I suffered for many years with severe migraines and got little relief from Allopathic medication. I was into the 3rd month of a continuous migraine when I turned to alternative medicine.  Within a week the combined efforts of a herbalist and a chiropractor brought relief. I knew I had to learn more and to share this with my family, but others noticed my increased health and energy and asked for help. I decided to complete my studies and become a certified Chartered Herbalist; the rest is history.

I believe that each of us has the inherent potential to enjoy health. True health as I understand it is not only physiological well-being, but also includes psychological and spiritual health, and I am grateful to Paul and Jaylee Balch of Inpowered Living for their teaching and guidance as I continue to learn more about my own spiritual identity and the nature of this reality.

My life is filled with the joy of husband, children, grandchildren and friends, the joy of learning and the joy of being. But total fulfillment would not be possible without health. Being healthy is our natural state, and with the help of nature I believe it is attainable for each one of us.

Dorothy Turner, BA
Chartered Herbalist, CH
Certified Hypnotherapist, CH


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We are available from Monday to Friday, regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm est.). For urgent requests, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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A couple years ago I came to Dorothy with migraines. I had been dealing with an ongoing migraine that would never go away (It had been 6 months with ongoing pain).The doctors had sent for every test going and still no relieve.I turned to Dorothy and within a day she had a program for me and had sent out the items needed. I was on the program and within 10 days the migraines had turned into the odd headache. I was able to return to my position at work. Within 3 months I was on my way to being myself again. I still get the odd migraine, but they come and go. They don’t stay. And it is all thanks to Dorothy Turner. And by the way, she did all this for me with me being in Alberta and herself in Ontario. So not just around the corner, but still with a personal touch.
Thank you for everything. Lisa Mumby